Sunday, February 26, 2012

Detailed Stats on Dwarves

[Note - this information as accurate as of posting.  A number of changes have been made since, not all of which are reflected in this post.
The following patch notes are all relevant

  • Diagonals hits are no longer penalized extra for AOE splash
  • Assault boost damage is now modified by AOE falloff
  • Increased Gunner splash damage from 50% to 66% - The gunner was lacking in ranged situations – he should be able to pack a rather large punch when upgraded with a scroll now.
  • Paladin gains a stacking 5% boost to power, defense, and resist to all allies in a 3x3 radius - Giving the Paladin an aura will help the dwarf units survive longer and deal a little more damage. The aura also works on crystals. We did this to incentivize players to move Paladins out into the field.
  • Engineer shield range up to 3 - The engineer will require less AP to maneuver and apply shields, which is a seemingly small but substantial boost.
  • Debuffs no longer apply if the target has an Engineer shield. This includes the debuffs from the Priestess and the Annihilator - The priestess will no longer be able to weaken units that have a shield on them, which is an inherent boost to the dwarves.
  • Pulverizer damage increased from 500 to 600 and now permanently removes physical armor - The Pulverizer now deals more damage and removes physical armor (non-helmets) upon hit.  This will help them to take out armored units more easily.

Racial Passive
  • All units get 20% additional benefit from power squares on the map.
  • You get 24% armor from a blue square
  • Red sword sSquares grants 120 damage 
  • Standing on a purple crystal increases damage done to crystals by 360.  
    • As with standard purple crystal square behavior, the bonus 360 is added as a bonus to the end of doing damage to a crystal, so dealing 5 damage to a crystal while controlling a purple square will deal 365 damage to it.
    • The 360 bonus damage is always added after all other damage calculations. So for example if the crystal has the -50% Armor debuff on it, the base damage of the attack is amplified first, and then the 360 bonus damage is added afterwards.  
    • For example, if the crystal has the armor debuff you drop a Pulverizer on it for 500 damage, you'll increase to 750 first (-50% armor) and then add 360 from owning a crystal for a total of 1110 damage.
  • Classification: Fighter
  • Health: 1000
  • Armor: 10%
  • Magic Resist: 10%
  • Movement Speed: 2
  • Primary Attack: Melee Attack
    • Used at range 1.
    • 200 Physical damage.
  • Extra Ability: Heal
    • She always heals herself for half the amount she healed the target for
    • Heals a target for up to 400 per heal
    • Heal ignores line of sight, like all heals in the game.  So you can heal to the other side of enemy units.
    • If you are standing on a red square, you heal for 640 per cast.
    • With a Runemetal (sword) upgrade you heal 600 per cast
    • With a Runemetal upgrade while standing on a red square you heal for 960.
    • An easy way to remember this is the Paladin heals for 2x her attack.  She normally hits for 200, with Runemetal (+50% damage) it's 300, on a red square she gets +120 (dwarven bonus) so her attack is 320, and on a red square with Runemetal she hits for 480.
  • Classification: Caster
  • Health: 800
  • Armor: 0%
  • Magic Resist: 0%
  • Movement Speed: 2
  • Primary Attack: Grenade Toss
    • Used when the target is at range 2 or 3.  
    • Ignores line of sight (can lob grenades over enemies to targets behind)
    • Deals 200 magic damage with splash.  
    • The AOE splash is for 50% damage to the 4 adjacent squares and 25% to the diagonal neighbors.  
    • If you increase the damage of your Grenadier via a Sword or Red Square then the Splash damage is half of the final single-target amount. 
      • For example standing on a red square increases your damage to 320, then the splash will do 160 and the corners will take 80.
  • Secondary Attack: Hook attack
    • Used when the target is at range 1.  
    • Deals 100 magical damage.
  • Classification: Shooter
  • Health: 800
  • Armor: 0%
  • Magic Resist: 0%
  • Movement Speed: 2
  • Primary Attack: Shotgun
    • Point Blank Range
    • 300 Physical damage
  • Secondary Attack: Shotgun Spread
    • 150 Physical damage to 3 squares.  
    • Damage topology depends on which direction you are shooting 
      • North, South, East West
      • If you are shooting North, South, East or West, you can imagine that you fire a second and third bullets in the same direction down either side.  The side bullets will hit the first target they come across.  So in the above screenshot, pink targets are hit before the blue ones.
      • NE, SE, NW, SW
      • If you are shooting diagonally, then you can imagine you're firing 3 bullets in a spread, each will hit the first target it come across.  Again, pink areas are hit before the blue areas.
  • Classification: Support
  • Health: 800
  • Armor: 0%
  • Magic Resist: 0%
  • Movement Speed: 2
  • Primary Attack: Melee
    • Used at range 1
    • 200 Physical damage
  • Extra Ability: Shield
    • Shields a unit up to 2 squares away.  
    • Can only have 1 shield active at a time. 
    • Casting a new shield removes the previous shield.  
    • Shield negates all damage from exactly 1 attack.  
    • Shield persists over multiple turns until consumed.  
    • The amount of damage done by the attack is irrelevant whether it's 5 damage from incidental splash damage or 600 damage from a scrolled Wizard.  
    • If the enemy hits a shield unit with an AOE attack, the shield will prevent the damage to the primary target but the other targets will still take the full AOE damage as though the target were not shielded.  
    • The shield protects from damage only, debuffs from the attack (such as the Annihilator's -50% physical resist debuff) will still be applied.  
    • If the Engineer is killed the shield that the Engineer had active is removed.  
    • Units can only be protected by one shield at a time
    • If a unit is already protected by a shield you cannot cast a new one on it, and you cannot "transfer ownership" of the shield from one Engineer or another (at least, none that I have found).  
    • If an attack that is shielded has a movement effect, such as the Knight's knockback or the Impaler's pull, the movement effect is also negated. 
    • Ignores line of sight (you can cast shield through enemy units)
  • Passive: Extra Power Square Bonus
    • The Engineer also receives a 40% bonus from power squares, rather than the standard Dwarven bonus of 20%.
      • This means she gets 140 damage from Red Sword squares
      • 28% Armor from Blue Squares
      • Purple squares cause 420 extra damage to be done to the enemy crystal.
  • Second Passive: Extra Cute
    • The Engineer is the cutest unit in the game
    • Health: 650
    • Armor: 0%
    • Magic Resist: 0%
    • Movement Speed: 2
    • Primary Attack: Rocket Launcher
      • Up to range 3.
      • Deals 300 magic damage to the primary target and has AOE.  
      • The primary target has it's armor reduced by 50%.  
        • This is a flat 50% and allows units to go into negative armor.  
        • For example, a Void Monk (20% Armor) on a Blue Armor square (20%) who gets hit will lose 50% armor and be at -10%.  
        • The Physical armor debuff can be applied to crystals as well.  
        • The physical damage debuff applies to the next Physical attack the target takes. 
        • Negative armor means you actually take more damage.  A unit with -20% Physical Armor will take 20% more damage from the next attack.
        • The debuff will persist over multiple turns and lasts until consumed
      • All enemies neighboring the target unit are knocked back one space. 
        • If the adjacent space is occupied the knockback doesn't happen. 
        • The knockback will happen diagonally too, and the adjacent units are knocked diagonally.
      • Adjacent targets take 20% of the damage of the primary target. 
      • Diagonal targets take what appears to be 4% of the primary target, but the damage is rounded to the nearest multiple of 5

      Dwarven Brew
      • Consumable
      • Heals for 1000
      • Cannot resurrect a fallen unit
      • Grants a +50% Armor and +50% Magic Resist buff against the next attack.
      • This buff stacks linearly with any other bonuses so if you already have 20% Magic resist from a helm, you go up to70% Magic Resist
      • The buff persists until consumed
      • Deals 500 Physical damage to a single unit anywhere on the map
      • If you hit a crystal, it deals AOE damage to the units adjacent
        • Units adjacent to the crystal take 40% of the damage done the crystal.
        • Diagonal Units take 16% of the damage done to the crystal.
      • If you control a purple power square, damage to the crystal is enhanced by the Pulverizer and the splash damage is enhanced as well.
        • For example, if you have a crystal (+360) then you'll deal 860 damage per Pulverizer and deal 340 damage to adjacent units (damage numbers in Hero Academy are always rounded to the nearest 5)

      Dwarven Deck Contents
      1x Annihilator
      3x Paladin
      3x Gunner
      3x Engineer
      3x Grenadier
      3x Helm
      3x Shield
      3x Sword
      2x Scroll
      2x Dwarven Brew
      2x The Pulverizer

      Finally some closing thoughts, some interesting aspects of the Dwarves compared to the other two existing races
      • The Dwarves have no ranged stomp, unlike the Council fireball or the Dark Elf Necromancer
      • The Dwarves have no way to surprise resurrect in the field, unlike the Council potion and the Dark Elf Soul Harvest
      • While every race has a unit that does 300 Physical damage, the Dwarves deal it only at point-blank range.  So outside of their super unit, the Dwarves have trouble dealing heavy single target damage
      • Between the no ranged stomp and the lack of high single target damage, the Dwarves essentially have the hardest trouble sniping specific enemy units.
      Thanks to Jeff Gates, Travis Day and Jake Sones for helping me write this update.


      1. I wish they would consolidate their AE damage distributions. 20%/4%? 40%/16%? I love the simplicity and predictability of most of the game's combat, but I AE attacks always feel like trial-and-error.

      2. Hey Wyatt,

        Created a calculator for determining how much damage will be dealt to a unit, check it out at

      3. Hrm, I wasn't able to get the calculator to work - cool idea though!

      4. hi i was thinking you could add the fact that grenadier lobs his bombs so his attack wont be blocked by those who like to cover up their crystals by another unit. makes the grenadier even more valuable

        1. Yah sure I can note that for completeness

      5. Hey, thanks for all the great information. Just wanted to send you a note about something I just discovered; maybe you already know, but what the heck:

        I have a prescrolled Paladin and resureccting w/ that Paladin provides a boost to the resurrect but also consumes the scroll.