Saturday, February 4, 2012

Hero Academy Deck Contents

Ever wonder what the Hero Academy army compositions were? Jake and I sat down and determined the contents of the Hero Academy decks.

Each Army consists of:

1x Ninja
3x Knight
3x Archer
3x Wizard
3x Cleric

3x Helm
3x Shield
3x Sword

2x Potion
2x Scroll
2x Inferno

Dark Elves
1x Wraith
3x Void Monk
3x Impaler
3x Necromancer
3x Priestess

3x Helm
3x Soulstone
3x Sword

2x Mana Vial
2x Scroll
2x Soul Harvest

Dwarves (edit 2/24/2012 for Dwarves)

1x Annihilator
3x Paladin
3x Gunner
3x Grenadier
3x Engineer

3x Helm
3x Shield
3x Sword

2x Dwarven Brew
2x Scroll
2x The Pulverizer

Tribe (edit 4/8/2012 for Tribe)
2x Chieftain
3x Warrior
3x Axe Thrower
3x Witch
3x Shaman

4x Spike Armor
3x Runemetal

4x Haunch of Meat
3x Typhoon

This information can be useful when you're deciding how aggressive to be.  The problem is that the game doesn't provide any built-in log.  What's a person to do?  Keeping a separate log of the game state of every game seems like too much work, but at the same time, knowing that your enemy has used up both Scrolls and both Inferno's can be extremely valuable tactical information.

Ideally, Robot would add some sort of combat log or a Deck Contents viewer to the side, but in the meantime I've been using the chat log as a makeshift recorder of important events.  In particular I want to track my opponent's scrolls and fireballs.  The chat log is integrated, attached to each game, and always available.  To be sneaky though, I've been disguising my log as friendly messages to my opponent.  Ha ha!  Check out these screens:

As you can see, my combat log of my opponent's specials are cleverly disguised as congratulatory messages!
On a serious note though, if you're in a game with me and you've read this, we can just start recording important events and not make a big fuss.


  1. If u log/chat a lot the initial log will get push away

  2. Was wondering if the amount of units are fixed. This makes total sense. Now I just have to keep the records of my 15+ games straight somehow :P

  3. If I ever played in a tournament/league I'd definitely log every play. The information is too valuable. And Javaseed, I didn't know about the log being limited in size, all the more reason to keep an external log for serious games.