Sunday, May 13, 2012

Avengers as League Champions REVISED 2.0

So I wasn't going to make a whole other post about my LoL Avengers Champions, but I went to see the movie a second time!  I figure hey - if I can see the movie a second time, doesn't that mean I can do a design pass on my Champions too?  Besides, design is about iteration - we'll consider my first pass a piece of garbage, and we'll call this one cleaned up garbage.

For convenience I did strikeout over deleted sections and posted new things in revision purple.

The Hulk
PassiveWhenever the Hulk takes damage, his attack damage is increased by 5% of the damage sustained.  This effect can build indefinitely, but resets when the Hulk has not taken damage for 5 seconds.  The hulk gains 2 Armor and 2 Magic Resistance every second while dealing or receiving damage.  This effect can build indefinitely and resets when the Hulk has not dealt or taken damage for 3 seconds.
Punch Smash![Q]: On an enemy, deals 30 (+AD) damage and knock them back.  When used on an ally Punch deals no damage but can still knock that ally back. 8 second cooldown.
Inspired by the great Ally Punch scene in the movie.  In this context it can be used to punch an ally to safety, to catch up to an enemy, or to push your ally through a  thin brush line, etc.
Leap! [W]: Leap to a location, dealing 60 (+AD) damage to enemies where he lands. 14 second cooldown.
Mighty Roar! [E]: Passive: The hulk regenerates 2 Life per second.  Active: The Hulk lets out a mighty roar, removing all CC effects from himself and nearby allies. 25 second cooldown.
Melee range allies, mostly used for waking up allies who just fell from the sky after redirecting nuclear missiles
Adopted God Flip Flop [R]: Grab an enemy and toss it back and forth dealing 40 (+AD) per slam. 90 second cooldown.
Works a bit like a Singed Toss, but with a Warwick/Skarner style CC to it as well as it lasts for a second or two.

Iron Man
Passive: Iron Man's suit uses energy to bolster his defenses.  Iron Man gains 5% of his AP as Armor and Magic Resist.  Intelligence Gathering.  Iron Man has superior tracking and sensors.  Iron Man gains vision of enemies affected by Laser Torch or Missile Barrage for 3 seconds.
Laser Torch [Q]: Fire a Laser Beam that deals 120 (+AP) damage to the first target in its path and mark it with Guidance System for 3 seconds.  Laser Torch deals 50% more damage if the target is also suffering from Missile Barrage. 8 second cooldown 15 second cooldown
Missile Barrage [W]: Launch 3 missiles at nearby targets for 80 (+AP) damage over 3 seconds. If there is an enemy with Guidance System on it, all 3 missiles will launch to it. 8 second cooldown
Billionaire Philanthropist [E]: Passive.  Gain an additional 1/2/4/6 2/3/4/5 gold every 10 seconds. Does not work while Active portion is on cooldown. Active. Drop a Sight Ward.  Cooldown 180/150/120/90 seconds.
Orbital Unibeam Targeting Array [R]: Lasers from overhead satellites instantly damage all enemy heroes for 50 (+AP) damage, places the Guidance System debuff on them and reveals their location on the map for 
3 seconds. 120 second cooldown. 
Rocket Jet Boots [R]: Take flight for 5 seconds increasing movement speed by 20% and allowing you to ignore collision.  120 second cooldown.
Feedback that his ult was too much like Karthas I think was totally valid, and I think it's more interesting to try and play out some targeted missiles mechanic.  He doesn't have any mobility yet, and while watching the movie I realized Iron Man was the only human that can "fly". I'm not sure how the LoL engine handles collision with trees, since no other hero can currently fly over trees I'm assuming there are issues?  If you lose flight while over trees I'd search the closest open landing spot and land there.

Passive: Thor wields the mighty Mjolnir. While wielding Mjolnir, 15% of Thor's Ability Power is added to his Attack Damage
Mjolnir Throw / Mjolnir Return [Q]: Throw your hammer dealing 70 (+AP) damage to all enemies along the path.  The hammer will remain at it's ending location until you cast Mjolnir Return, which brings the hammer back to you dealing 70 (+AP) damage to all enemies along the path..  6 second cooldown.
Mjolnir will sit on the map indefinitely.  The hammer is a visible object in the world, but players may not interact with it.  Mjolnir Throw has a standard medium-range skill shot range, but Mjolnir Return has infinite range (it returns to wherever Thor is at the time he casts it).  Slight variant to Orianna's ball.  Thor has a small sight radius around Mjolnir.
Control of Lightning Lightning Burst [W]: Toggled.  Melee attacks discharge a chain lightning dealing 40(+AP) damage to 3 targets.  8 mana cost per swing.  Let out a burst of lightning that electrocutes all enemies for 40 (+AP) in a cone in front of you.
Dimensional Portal [E]: If you are wielding Mjolnir, drops Mjolnir on the ground.  If you are not wielding Mjolnir, instantly teleports you to Mjolnir and you pick it up.  25 second cooldown.
Mjolnir Smite [R]: Only usable if Thor is wielding Mjolnir, Mjolnir falls from the sky and smashes target Champion for 300 (+AP) damage and stunning the target for 2 seconds..  Usable anywhere on the map. 90  90/75/60 second cooldown.
I realized that the "usable anywhere on the map" doesn't actually add anything.  A simple ranged stun move, combined with the rest of the kit, is plenty.

Captain America
Passive: Enemy Champion ranged basic attacks that pass through Captain America hit Captain America instead.
Shield Throw [Q]: Throw your shield at an enemy for 60 (+AD) damage.  The shield will bounce at up to 2 additional enemies before returning back to you. All targets struck will be silenced slowed for 2 seconds. 10 15 second cooldown.
Vibranium Dissipation [W]: Captain America can no longer move or attack but becomes immune to all damage and spells in front of him for 1 second. 18 second cooldown  Lasts until Captain America attempts to move.  8 second cooldown.
The spell is activated like a short-range skill-shot nuke, which is done primarily to help determine the facing of Captain America.  He puts his shield up and faces the direction cast.  All damage originating in a 180 degree angle from that direction is negated. 
Shield Slash [E]: Slash an enemy with your shield for 30 (+AD) damage and silence that enemy for 2 seconds.  9/7/5/3 second cooldown.
Defensive Roll [E]: Roll to target location.  Any enemy at the target location is pushed back and slowed for 3 seconds. 8 second cooldown.
Most of the kit is built on his passive, which blocks ranged basics.  To really make use of this Captain America benefits from a skill that lets him get in between enemies and his teammates, as well as a way to create a distance to help peel enemies off his friends.  The small knockback on enemies at the target location is intended to be extremely small, probably just the width of Captain America himself (like if a melee hero is on an ally, he can just inserts himself in between them)
Personal Sacrifice [R]: All damage done to nearby friendly champions is redirected to Captain America instead for 2 seconds. 120 second cooldown.
Beacon of Hope [R]: Captain America inspires his team, decreasing all damage taken by 15% for 5 seconds.  20 second cooldown.
I'm still not happy with this Ultimate.  Needs more work still.


  1. Darn. Blogger doesn't send emails on comments. Zil's feedback was awesome, but I'll take a practice stab at this round to be #2.


    Hulk Smash! I like passives that speak to who that character innately is, what innately makes them unique. This does that in style. First instinct is "whoa! unlimited? insanity!", but the calculation's inverse scaling creates diminishing returns. It encourages him to build health, too, which feels thematic. The Roar is very strong, feels more like his ultimate. I'd swap it with his Flip Flop. That does give him a nice tank balance too. Defensive passive, generally high health, some peel, and group CC removal for big fights. Feels great.


    Iron Man feels like more of a mish mash. Missile Barrage feels short - random targeting is bad for last hitting, and it's not very distinguishable from Laser Torch as is. On Laser Torch I miss Iron Man's classic Disintegrate-like beam - could work sort of like Xerath's Q does. If you do that, the two should feel different. Also, Laser Torch could do the bonus damage when the target is tagged by Guidance System, simpler. The passive doesn't hit the way the Hulk's does. If it was "Computer Tracking" it might speak better to what makes him unique. (Also, the passive can be simplified to all abilities on hit.) Also, would be nice if one of his abilities could take advantage of the longer range the passive can give.

    I'm generally not a big fan of the gold passives: they don't balance to exciting, and this one has no interactions. But I do like how it plays up that side of his character, and the wards doubles-down on the "intelligence" side of him. I kinda like it. That said, Rocket Jet Boots feels very much "in character", and similar to many other abilities in the game (Corki Valkyrie, Hecarim Dash, Fizz Dash). As an AP Caster, he doesn't really want 5 seconds of kite/chase, so I'd make it a dash. Curious why you put it on his Ultimate though. I push Ultimates to the loudest expression of who that character is. Rocket Jet Boots feels like an E (or in LoL probably the W). He's an AP Caster. He's rather low on damage and support into team fights here. (Walk into fight, hit Q, hit W, run). I'd put Billionaire in R and make the Active a big damage ability that interacts with Guidance System. (Haven't seen the movie yet, but surely he ult-ed someone in the face).

    1. ---

      Whoa! Thor's great. It's also a wacky archetype - AP ... Fighter? Sounds fun. While normally I don't like the stat exchange passives, I like it here, it makes that work. Might even need to be buffed. :) The Throw/Portal combo here is awesome. Not sure the Portal's drop is ever useful (you could just Q-chuck it, and get a 6 second cooldown). I'd consider replacing it with the obvious hammer dash or some survivability. What's the cooldown on Lightning Burst? Curious why you went with cone instead of chain for Lightning Burst.

      The Ult Smite is still meh. Could use more juice. Break his rules, maybe? Like he automatically regains the hammer and falls from the sky with it, stunning and smashing faces. He's going to be very one-on-one focused with that, but that could be the right intent. And it puts him in the fight, Thor-style.

      He itemizes very strange - he wants a slow to stick to you, but only so he can use his Q and W again. Unless he goes hybrid, which is probably the correct play now, but doesn't seem desirable. He doesn't have enough ability spam to really work AP. So I'd probably make something spammy (W?) and pump up his passive. Or be boring and make him AD.


      Nice! I really like the direction you've taken Cap. Passive + Dissipation + Roll works great. And Beacon really plays into his "team leader" personality, adding that second character dimension. Beacon is super-strong for team-wide, but I like it long. Recommend making the effect diminish over time, gives it more reaction play rather then initiate play. Vibranium I'd make something like 30% DR, and have it last longer, so you can create counter play around it. I think you could absolutely make immunity read art-wise, but you're still selling the message at 30% DR and you can make it read even better at 3 seconds.

      Curious why you want the silence on Cap. Seems like he's good without it.

    2. The Flip Flop was his ultimately mostly because I wanted it to be graphically loud. It's a hilarious scene in the movie. It has a suppression component like Warwick and Skarner. Put those two factors together is why I made the Flip Flop his R. Is there anything else you would do to the E to make it feel right as an E?

      Iron Man I pictured playing as sort of a Heimer or did you ever play Tinker in DOTA? I agree on the flight feedback on his Ult. You're right about him being an AP nuker so general flight is less useful than a dash. I was thinking more as a quick getaway or a quick closer, and he needed a mobility skill, but you're right for an AP nuker it's not what you want. Gonna have to reconcile that... I don't want to put Billionaire as his Ult 'cause double-utility as an Ult sounds underwhelming :) Maybe turn R into a dash like you say with a nuke built into it too.

      I'm glad you like Thor. I got feedback on stat exchanges but I similarly felt like this one could still work. He gets some passive AD from his AP but his abilities scale off of AP. I switched the Chain Lightning to a cone mostly to increase the skill differential, and I don't like toggles. But I could see it being a single target chain lightning too.

      The Portal Drop is there in case a player picks E as his first skill.

      I was thinking he would itemize probably Rod of Ages, Trin Force or something like that. But yes he was intended to be one of those heroes you could build either AP, AD or hybrid.

      You know what, I meant to change the silence to a slow. Thanks for pointing it out. Good catch. I'm still not happy with Captain America's W and R. I'm glad you like the R. Honestly I would have made the W like Morgana's spell shield but didn't want to copy an existing skill exactly so felt like I had to switch it up a bit. If Morgana didnt' exist I'd put the spell shield as his W for sure. Maybe I should just do it that way anyways.

  2. My big-picture concern with Captain America is that he is so fixated on his one purpose of protecting his allies, that he lacks personal moments of glory. While that self-sacrificial identity may be accurate with the character, players want moments where they are awesome and get the job done.

    Compare with headbutt + pulverize on Alistar under a turret. Rare moment it works on its own, but when it does, you always remember it. Plus those buttons alone can regularly change the tides of battle.