Sunday, April 8, 2012

Detailed Stats on the Tribe

It's another New Race for Hero Academy!  Time to get dirty with some research.

Racial Passive
  • Bloodrage: Whenever a fallen unit is disposed by the enemy (stomped), the next attack by one of your units gets +50% damage on their next attack.  
    • For example,if a unit does 200 damage, the next attack will deal 300 damage
    • However, if your unit does 300 damage, the next attack will do 450 damage
    • The bonus is consumed as soon as any of your units with  Bloodrage performs an attack.
      • New units placed on the battlefield will not have Bloodrage
      • A newly placed unit that attacks will not consume Bloodrage on units that have it
      • The Bloodrage will persist through turns, and lasts until one of your Bloodraged units attacks.
      • The Bloodrage will also enhance a Shaman's heal, and using the heal will consume the Bloodrage
    • This bonus is received no matter how the body is disposed of, whether it's stomped, corpse exploded, turned into a Phantom by a Necromancer or Fireballed
    • Units can only benefit from one Bloodrage at a time.  If additional Tribe units are stomped, there is no effect on units who are already benefiting from Bloodrage .
    • You do not get this bonus if you dispose of one of your own units by stomping on it or exploding it
  • Classification: Fighter
  • Health: 800
  • Armor: 20%
  • Magic Resist: 0%
  • Movement Speed: 2
  • Primary Attack: Melee Attack
    • Used at range 1
    • 200 Physical damage
    • Attacking a unit below 50% health kills it instantly.
    • Attacking a crystal below 25% health kills it instantly.
  • Classification: Caster
  • Health: 800
  • Armor: 0%
  • Magic Resist: 0%
  • Movement Speed: 2
  • Primary Attack:
    • Used at range 3
    • 200 Magical damage
  • Secondary Attack:
    • Used on fallen units up to range 3
    • Can be used on friendly as well as enemy units
    • All enemy units in a 3x3 area around the corpse will take damage
    • The damage dealt is the same as attacking all enemies around the corpse with the Witch's next attack.
    • Therefore by default it will hit for 200 damage
    • However, if you have damage bonuses, the explosion damage will also be enhanced.  
      • If you have a Runemetal upgrade, the explosion will hit for 300 
      • Another example, if you have a Haunch of meat, you'll explode corpses for 550 damage
  • Classification: Support
  • Health: 800
  • Armor: 0%
  • Magic Resist: 10%
  • Movement Speed: 2
  • Primary Attack:
    • Used on enemies up to range 2
    • Deals 200 Magic damage
  • Extra Ability: Chain Heal
    • Heals the primary target for twice your attack damage
    • With the default 200 attack damage, the Shaman heals for 400
    • The heal can bounce up to two times (to a total of 3 targets)
      • Each bounce can travel up to 2 squares.
      • You can bounce through full health units to reach damaged units
      • Each bounce reduces the potency of the health by 50%.  So the heal amounts are 100%, 50%, 25%
      • The bounce cannot bounce back onto itself, nor can the heal bounce back onto the Shaman casting the heal.
    • Can be upgraded by elements that increase your attack damage such as Runemetal, Haunch of Meat, Attack Squares and Bloodrage. 
    • Can be used to resurrect fallen units.
      • Fallen units are resurrected for 25% of the heal amount as health.
      • For example, the basic 200 Attack shaman that heals for 400 will resurrect fallen units with 100 health
      • If a fallen unit is second on the bounce, it is resurrected with 50 health
      • If a fallen unit is the third unit on a bounce chain, it is resurrected with 25 health
      • If you use a Haunch of Meat to increase your attack to 550 (heal 1100) and resurrected a fallen unit, it will resurrect with 275 health (25% of 1100)
Axe Thrower
  • Classification: Shooter
  • Health: 800
  • Armor: 0%
  • Magic Resist: 0%
  • Movement Speed: 2
  • Primary Attack:
    • Used up to 2 range
    • Deals 200 physical damage
    • Deals 100 extra damage against targets who are above 50% health when the blow lands. Targets at exactly 50% health will not take the extra 100 damage.
    • This 100 bonus damage is not enhanced by any upgrades such as runemetal (Sword) nor the +175% haunch of meat
    • This bonus can be used alongside the +100 bonus from red sword tiles for a total bonus of +200 damage
    • The 100 extra damage is still mitigated by armor 
  • Classification: Super Unit
  • Health: 1000
  • Armor: 0%
  • Magic Resist: 0%
  • Movement Speed: 2
  • Primary Attack: Whirlwind
    • Used when at range 1
    • Deals full attack damage to the primary target and 66% weapon damage to all other enemies in a 3x3 area around the Chieftain
    • After dealing damage, the Chieftain then pulls in all enemies in a 5x5 area around him
    • If a unit cannot be pulled along it's path because of a unit blocking the way, it is not moved.
    • If there are two units that are both trying to close to the same spot, one of them will move and the other will then be blocked

      • It appears as though who slides first is randomly determined the same way chain lightning is deterministic within a single turn but random between turns. 
  • Secondary Attack: Charge
    • Used at range 2, 3 or 4
    • This ability is only usable in straight horizontal lines.  You cannot run at an angle.
    • Blocked by Line-Of-Sight; you cannot have any objects blocking you from the target
    • Chieftain runs up to the enemy and then does a single melee swing against the target for 200 damage
Haunch of Meat
  • Heals a unit for 700 and increases the damage of your next attack by 175%
    • Note that this is +175%, so you're doing almost triple damage
  • The bonus stacks multiplicatively with the Runemetal (Sword) upgrade.  For example, if your base attack is 200 damage and you have Runemetal (x1.5) and If you have a Runemetal (Sword) upgrade, your damage is 200 * 1.5 * 2.75 = 825 damage
  • As with scrolls, Red Square "Sword Tiles" apply their +100 attack bonus before the multiplicative bonuses. 
  • This bonus is also multiplicative with the racial Bloodrage bonus.
    • This can result in some pretty ridiculous damage.  Suppose you have a Witch, with Runemetal, a Haunch of meat, standing on a red square
    • Witch base damage = 200
    • Red Square +100 bonus = 300
    • Runemetal 50% bonus = 450
    • Bloodrage 50% bonus = 675 (notice it's 675 not 600, the two 50% were multiplied)
    • Haunch of Meat 175% bonus = 1856.25, which is rounded down to 1855

      • You want a piece of me?
    • Pushes all enemy units left or right, depending on where the Typhoon is dropped
    • Units on the row of the typhoon are always pushed backwards, units to the right of the typhoon are pushed forwards.
    • The exception to this rule is Typhoons dropped on the first column push all enemy units forward.
      • The main implication of this is there is no way to keep the first enemy column stationary while pushing forward all other columns.
      • In practice I have a hard time picturing when this will come up but grats to you if you find a way to take advantage of this - particularly if this let's you make a significant move while playing against the Tribe.
    Spike Armor
    • Increases health by 10%
    • Deals 33% of damage back to attackers
    • Spike Armor will not reduce the health of the attacker below 100
    • The reflection amount is based on the actual damage done after the defender's mitigation.  For example if you swing for 200, normally 65 would get reflected, but if the defender has armor mitigating the attack damage to 160, then the attacker only takes 50
    • The reflected amount is mitigated by the attacker's armor as well.  For example, if the attacker swings and hits for 300 damage, the normal reflect amount is 100, but if the attacker has 20% armor then the attacker only takes 80 damage
    • Putting these together, suppose an attacker with 200 attack and 20% armor attacks and defender with 20% armor.  The initial attack lands for 160 damage, and 40 damage is reflected to the attacker (50 damage reduced by 20% armor)
    • The reflect damage works against all attacks. In fact, the reflect damage even works against AOE spells such as the Witch's Corpse Explosion.  Damaging a unit with Spike Armor will hurt the attacker.
    • If a Warrior does an "instant kill" against a unit with Spike Armor, the damage done to the slain unit is reflected back for the amount of damage done (this may be obvious, but restating for clarity)
    • The damage type is the same damage dealt by the attacker. ie. Physical damage is reflected as Physical, Magic damage is reflected as Magic.
    • If you overkill a unit, the damage done to the attacker is only what was required to get the defender to 0.  For example, if a unit has 300 health left and you hit it for 500 damage, you still only take 100 damage (the reflect amount on the 300 required to kill the defender)
    The Tribe Deck Contents

    2x Chieftain
    3x Warrior
    3x Axe Thrower
    3x Witch
    3x Shaman

    4x Spike Armor
    3x Runemetal

    4x Haunch of Meat
    3x Typhoon


    1. Great write up!! 3 things I noticed: Tribe racial is called "Bloodrage" on the race info page under Heroic Teams in game. Warrior can 1-shot crystals that are 25% or lower. Chieftain can only charge horizontal, not vertical (so weird!!)

      1. Hey thanks! I'll edit the post now to rename everything to the proper Bloodrage. Crystal comment is totally worth noting, and thanks for catching the Chieftain, I had just assumed vertical, shame on me for not actually verifying.

    2. hi.. i noticed that you said

      "If a Warrior does an "instant kill" against a unit with Spike Armor, the damage done to the slain unit is reflected back for the amount of damage done (this may be obvious, but restating for clarity)"

      but i think this is not the case.. i used gunner to shoot an armored axe thrower suffering 45 damage. then i tried scrolling my gunner before attacking the axe thrower and suffered the same amount of "revenge damage"..

      is this because the fact that the spike armor only return 33% of non-scrolled damage?

    3. another thing i noticed that you mentioned, a wizard's chain lightning is random BETWEEN turns. i don't think this is the case as i used my wizard to attack the same 3 targets in my game, until 1 of the target is knocked out

      1. You know what's interesting. When I first started playing I thought the lightning was deterministic. Then when I played some more I thought it rolled a new random seed every game. Now that I look at it in even more detail, it looks like it is deterministic after all. You're absolutely right!

        I sense more research on the horizon.

      2. Oh man the chain lightning mystery continues.
        It seems that shooting left, right, down or up with chain lighting will cause the lightning to favor going that way, but shooting diagonally favors a different ordering.
        Shooting diagonally upwards favors up, whereas shooting diagonally downwards favors continuing left or right depending on the angle of the initial shot.
        More research required!

    4. Added a discovery I made today - Spike Armor will not reduce the health of the attacker below 100

      1. And it will heal attackers below 100 health!